October 17, 2013

Alternative Press Expo!

Achievement Unlocked: First APE Attended and Exhibited- COMPLETE! 

Thanks to all the friends, friends of friends, parents of friends, and SHMers who stopped by our table. It was a huge learning experience and I had such a blast! (I met Babs and Lindsay! EEeeee!- They're so cool!!) Tons of ideas for next year are already swimming in my head! 

Jon Mendez, Matt Jue and I joined forces to create "Cable Juice." These guys are awesome friends and great to work with and it was an honor sharing a table with them. Check out their work! 

I'm still getting used to the idea of self promoting, hence the lateness of this post. I'll be more active on this site in the coming months, posting some pics of the prints I sold at APE and possibly starting a store to sell extra prints. I also might start a tumblr/deviant/instagram account, till then I can be followed on Pinterest. I love Pinterest :)

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