January 14, 2013

Plant Man

It's up! My contribution to the MEGAMAN BOSS BATTLE! I'm a bit rusty with the ol' paintin in photoshop but I'm glad I did it and I'm proud of the end result. Originally, I wanted to draw a lady boss but there's only one in existance and she was already taken. I chose Plant Man for no particular reason, I think it was the flower on his head that appealed to me. Super kudos to Jason Warnke for spearheading this collective! I've never played Megaman, nor did I really know who he was before doing this project (I thought he was that Metroid guy/chick) but I learned a lot about the classic game and had a lot of fun watching this project come together with so many great artists!

Check out the online Gallery! Every Friday new bosses are uploaded to the Site!

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