January 22, 2009

More old sketches of possible Dominance War III characters. Before the theme was announced a group of us were asked to sketch out some possibilities.

This character is a female vigilante from the late 1800's protecting people, especially women, from rapists and killers such as Jack the Ripper. She lost her arm and a leg in an accident and built prosthetic limbs to replace them. She can also attach custom made weapons to her body like a prosthetic limb, much like Cherry Darling in Planet Terror, except the weapons go on her arm instead of her leg. All of her equipment utilizes steam punk style technology.

After we drew these sketches the theme for the competition was announced. All characters had to be organic: plant, animal, undead, or combinations of but absolutely no modern technology at all i.e. robots, cyborgs, androids, etc. Powers were derived from magic had to be based on one or more of the natural elements, i.e. fire, water/ice, necromancy, etc. Needless to day my Victorian Vigilante didn't fit the requirements but I still like her.

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PT said...

I really like these sketch designs! will you do some color versions? it would be awesome to see how that looks.