August 6, 2008

Lock Dock

This is an old piece I did for VisDev Class. His name is Fairbanks Green IV a.k.a. "The Lock Doc." He's one of my first digital portraits and his face is lop-sided.


Charlene Fleming said...

So then he's the "Lop-Doc"? :P That was terrible. Apologies.

What's his backstory? He looks like the locksmith folks call when things go terribly wrong. Special forces or something.

the Albino Bowler said...

Howdy. I was reading your blog, and I noticed you are a koala lover. How goes it? I just posted "KoaLa La Land" about koalas, Chewbacca, Matthew McConaughey, and me. Check it out. I think you'll appreciate it.