February 12, 2008


I took a watercolor class with Gale Antokal last semester and I highly recommend her class. These were my final pieces. We were allowed to do anything and I decided to do pieces that were influenced and inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and Chuck Close. I used a total of 3 tubes of color for the rose and 4 tubes of color for the self portrait. Both were really fun to do and I loved finding so many color combinations using so few colors. Hope you enjoy!


jehan said...

dude renee, that self portrait is the SHIT. how the heck did you DO that?? what was your process???


and thanks for the vote =D

Charlene Fleming said...

Damn, Renee, I'm hella jealous. I totally suck ass at watercolor and yours look awesome. I'm gonna have to twist you watercolor people's arms into teaching me some tricks some time before graduation.